Group Art Therapy

Making art together can be a good way of connecting with others and improving social skills.

Sessions usually run for one or two hours and often start with a warm-up guided by the therapist. The main part of a session will be making something using selected materials either based on a theme the therapist has given or your own ideas. At the end of the session the group may spend some time talking together about the artworks they have produced. Once the people in the group are comfortable with each other they may make artwork together.

Pelican Arts runs groups by partnering with organisations business and schools. We recommend a minimum of six weekly sessions to address therapeutic goals, although single sessions are possible.

We design group sessions to be accessible to all people in the community. If you are interested in hosting an art therapy group please email us. 

If you are an individual and would like to attend an art therapy group please contact us. We will inform you when a group is about to begin.