What is Art Therapy?

Professionally Registered Art Therapists are qualified mental health professionals who use art materials, images and conversation to help people express themselves and understand things that are going on in their lives. Using art materials stimulates many parts of the brain assisting a person to think a little differently and can be a great tool to help solve problems, recognise strengths and change perspectives. Being creative and making art in a supportive and understanding environment also strengthens connections between the mind and the body, helping to integrate experiences in the physical world with what goes on in our minds.

At Pelican Arts we take a person-centred approach and use art making to improve self-esteem, self-expression, emotional regulation, and communication. We can help people of all ages to manage conditions such as Autism and ADHD, anxiety, depression, and stress resulting from trauma.

You do not need to have experience or skills in the arts to do art therapy. The sessions are not about learning new art techniques or improving your skills in art, however, gaining competence in image making is often a natural result of doing art as therapy and Professionally Registered Art Therapists have skills in art making which they can share with you.

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