Individual Art Therapy

Pelican arts offers one-to-one art therapy sessions for adults, and children over the age of six. Sessions run for approximately one hour, depending on the individual.

What can I expect in the first one-to-one art session?

In your first art session, the Professionally Registered Art Therapist will ask about what you hope to achieve through art therapy and how comfortable you are with making art. If you are confident with art materials you may spend much of the first session making an image. People who haven’t made art in a long time are welcome to have a conversation or experiment with the art materials.

Two people talking and making art

Sessions usually end by discussing the artmaking process. You will most likely be asked about how it felt to make the art and about what the art might mean to you. Discussing the art is about sharing ideas and thoughts that arise from the image rather than critiquing your style or making definitive interpretations.

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